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(AUDIO) Philip Anderson – ‘Capitol Police Killed Rosanne Boyland On Jan. 6; She Was Holding My Hand When She Died’


(MAGA News) – There is still so much being uncovered from the protest at the US Capitol Jan. 6th. One of those tragic instances that took place that day was the death of 34-year-old Rosanne Boyland.

According to reports, medical examiners determined Boyland died from an accidental “acute amphetamine intoxication” but Trump supporter and activist Philip Anderson tells a different story about what really happened.

During an interview with The Gateway Pundit, Anderson said he was holding her hand when she died. He said the Capitol Police killed her, almost killing him as well. He said she was the first female they killed that day. The second was Ashli Babbitt.

Of course, all of this was dismissed by the “fake news media.” Anderson told TGP the big tech companies silenced him; his social media posts were deleted and his account banned because his story didn’t fit their narrative.

Philip posted this on social media before his account was taken down via Make America Stop Hate on Instagram.

Here’s the interview:

After the interview, Anderson wanted to add that something he forgot to talk about. He said,

“Something I forgot to tell you. The FBI took me off the no-fly list and said that the investigation was over on me. Then they went to the homes of several acquaintances questioning them to try and get me arrested.

Please put out the message not to trust these FBI agents. The Biden administration has turned the FBI into a political weapon against the American people. Every time the FBI raids someone’s home and gets them arrested they put it on the news, regardless of whether they are innocent or not.”

As sad as it is, Democrats are doing everything they can to use the Jan 6th Capitol protests as a means to remain in power. With the midterms rapidly approaching, Democrats are trying to fear-monger Americans into voting for them.

The January 6th Commission is nothing but a political stunt created by Nancy Pelosi and her goons to destroy anyone opposing their radical progressive movement. Trump supporters have become enemy number one for the FBI as they round up anyone who was there that day.

The Democrats won’t give up until the MAGA Movement is destroyed and President Trump no longer has a voice.

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July 19, 2021

Written by Maga News

MAGA News believes in those same conservative values and traditions and will continue the fight to help keep you educated, informed, and inspired. We are a news curation site that exposes media deception and misinformation, political cover ups and corruption, and abuse of powers by those who are set on destroying conservatism.

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