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Jan 6. Confidential DOJ Documents LEAKED Proving Proud Boys Innocent! (Must READ)


FBI Infiltrated Proud Boys, J-6 Report Reveals They Did Nothing Wrong

(MAGANews.Org) – A whistleblower revealed hundreds of sensitive documents that are a part of the January 6. investigation to the Gateway Pundit.

According to reports, the documents prove that some members of the militia group Proud Boys were innocent, but the Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecuted them anyway.

The documents also include audio recordings between the FBI, an Assisting US Attorney, and the informant the FBI is calling their “Confidential Human Source (CHS).”

For more than a year, the CHS was embedded with the Kansas City Proud Boy Group, keeping the FBI informed on the group’s activities.

The Gateway Pundit’s source revealed James Ehren Knowles as the FBI informant.

Alleged FBI Confidential Human Source James Ehren Knowles that infiltrated the Proud Boys on January 6th.

Alleged FBI Confidential Human Source James Ehren Knowles that infiltrated the Proud Boys on January 6th.

The source stated Knowles gained the group’s trust and became part of all communications.

The source also said that Knowles told the FBI he accompanied the Kansas group to the Capitol on January 6, saying they were not involved in nor conspired to break barriers at the Capitol building.

Knowles added that the crowd developed a “herd mentality” and was unorganized and shouted, “stop the vote,” as they got closer to the building.

He added, “There were no overt threats of violence made at that time.”

According to the source, Knowles told the FBI that the group planned to protect Trump Supporters from violent groups like Antifa so “MAGA folk could enjoy the day and get back to their hotels safely.”

Read the informant’s full testimony to the FBI here.

And now, ex-military/law enforcement groups like the “Oath Keepers” and the Proud Boys have become fall guys in the sham January 6 committee hearings.

According to the source, Knowles also texted the FBI at the Capitol on January 6. Here are some of those text messages:

Text message 1
Text message 2
Text message 3
Text message 4
Text message 5
Text message 6

A total of six Americans are currently detained in pre-trial confinement. One of them has been jailed for over a year and a half.

Some of the charges stem from Conspiracy, Obstruction of Official Proceedings, to Aiding and Abetting, which carry a maximum of a 20-year sentence.

PART II: Here Are the Proud Boys and Trump Supporters Who Had Their Lives Destroyed Because Chris Wray and FBI Lied About Documented Report by Embedded Operative on Jan. 6

Other charges they face include:

  • Obstruction of Law Enforcement During Civil Disorder
  • Threatening a Federal Officer
  • Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds and
  • Carrying a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon

Keep in mind that this information would not be available to the public if it weren’t for this whistleblower. Imagine what else the government could be hiding!

Let’s not forget, what President Donald Trump is going through during this fake insurrection!

As American citizens, we must stand up against the corruption of the DOJ and the Biden Administration.

And we must demand justice before it’s too late.

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July 12, 2022

Written by Maga News

MAGA News believes in those same conservative values and traditions and will continue the fight to help keep you educated, informed, and inspired. We are a news curation site that exposes media deception and misinformation, political cover ups and corruption, and abuse of powers by those who are set on destroying conservatism.

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