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STORY UPDATED – Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Snubs President Trump Saying “I Don’t Need Or Want Your Help.”


(MAGA News) – Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is currently placed in pre-trial confinement in the Regional Brig of Marine Corps Installations East aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

Lt. Col. Scheller posted a video on social media back on August 26, 2021, criticizing the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan by the Biden administration.

Scheller’s video also blamed senior military leaders and openly questioned their command decisions leading up to the final moments of the Taliban taking complete control of Afghanistan.

Lt. Col. Scheller’s video received mixed reviews by both active duty military and the veteran community. Some members of Congress sent a letter to the Commandant of the Marine Corps requesting the Marine officer be released:

More than $2M dollars has been raised by the MAGA community despite his dislike of President Trump. While in confinement, Lt. Co. Scheller demanded President Trump and members of his family to stop helping his case.

He said in a statement that he would rather “sit in jail” than receive assistance from them.

Lt. Col. Scheller post:

Lt. Col. Scheller’s follow up post on Sunday:

Lt. Col. Scheller sits in the brig for speaking his mind about the failures of the Biden administration’s exit strategy that left hundreds of Americans stranded, abandoning Afghans who helped during the war, and for the senseless death of 13 brave American military service members.

While we applaud and respect Lt. Col. Scheller’s decision to stand up for what’s right, we feel he made a mistake not accepting help from the MAGA community and especially President Trump.

UPDATE: Lt. Col. Scheller has been released from the brig at Camp Lejeune on Tuesday pending court-martial.

What are your thoughts?

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October 4, 2021

Written by Maga News

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