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Marxist Democrat Rep. Tweets “This Land is Stolen and Black People Still Aren’t Free” For 4th of July Message


(MAGA News) – While many patriotic Americans celebrated Independence Day with family and friends, left-wing activists and fake news media organizations took to social media sharing a much different and disparaging message about the holiday.

Democratic Rep. Cori Bush (MO) tweeted:

In the past, Bush has repeatedly made neo-Marxist and toxic statements about police and has labeled white people and conservatives as being white supremacists and racists.

During the sham impeachment of President Trump, she openly smeared him calling him “white-supremacist-in-chief.”

National Public Radio (NPR) tweeted a message about the original Independence Day document saying it was “a document with flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies.” It also remarked immediately that the document “says ‘that all men are created equal’ — but women, enslaved people, Indigenous people and many others were not held as equal at the time.”

Many other liberals shared similar sentiments of hate and disdain about Independence Day not considering the fact that they live in a country that protects their rights to do so.

The one thing the far-left will never understand is that freedom and liberty has never been easily obtained. When will the far-left learn that the American spirit can’t be broken? Unfortunately, they probably never will.

It is up to us patriotic Americans, like our forefathers, to continue the fight to keep and protect our freedoms and liberty.

It’s a fight we all must win.

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July 5, 2021

Written by Maga News

MAGA News believes in those same conservative values and traditions and will continue the fight to help keep you educated, informed, and inspired. We are a news curation site that exposes media deception and misinformation, political cover ups and corruption, and abuse of powers by those who are set on destroying conservatism.

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