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RINO LIZ CHENEY UNHINGED: Sides With Pelosi For Blocking Jim Jordan and Jim Banks From Jan. 6 Commission During Press Conference (VIDEO)


(MAGA News) – RINO (Republican In Name Only) Liz Cheney is anything but a Republican.

During her own press conference on Wednesday, she attacked fellow Republican members and sided with Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding the Jan. 6 Commission.

Here she is bad-mouthing Republicans Jim Jordan and Jim Banks saying their rhetoric has been “disgraceful” and agreeing with Nancy Pelosi for blocking them from the commission.

She also attacked Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy saying he is not fit to hold the “Speaker Of The House” position.

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This is a vicious woman who will stop at nothing to help liberal goons like Biden and Pelosi destroy President Trump and the Republican Party.

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July 22, 2021

Written by Maga News

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