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Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Death Row Inmate’s Execution Preference


Court Ruling Reached! Death Row Inmate To Die By Firing Squad!

(MAGANews.Org) – The U.S. Supreme Court had a massive month in June as the nine Justices ruled on several issues stemming from abortion to the Second Amendment.

On June 23, the court ruled in the Nance v. Ward case, allowing convicted murderer Michael Nance to be executed by firing squad.

Nance was convicted in 2002 for killing an innocent bystander during a bank robbery in 1993. The state of Georgia wanted to execute Nance using lethal injection.

But he argued against lethal injection, saying the drugs used to sedate him wouldn’t “render him unconscious” because of the medications he currently uses for his back pain.

He also argued that the IVs could cause “intense pain and burning” because his veins are “severely compromised.”

He added this undue pain would violate his Eighth Amendment which states; “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

Justice Elena Kagan stated, in a majority opinion for the court, that it was within Nance’s right to die in another way. She also stated prisoners aren’t “confined” to die by the state’s method but could “ask for a method used in other states” that’s “readily available” and could “significantly reduce the risk of severe pain.”

The last U.S. inmate to die by firing squad was Ronnie Lee Gardner in Utah in 2010.

Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling? Should death row inmates get to decide how they want to die?

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July 2, 2022

Written by Maga News

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