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The Most Common Problems New Handgun Owners Face

The Most Common Problems New Handgun Owners Face

(MAGANews.org)—Security, self-defense, or plain old fun are just a few reasons people explore the world of handguns.

The ability to handle a firearm can be learned at many phases of life: some people know it in their early years, some in their teens, and many in their adult years. Nevertheless, learning how to handle a pistol correctly can be difficult, no matter how old you are.

Once you start taking regular shooting classes, you rapidly find that it’s far harder to shoot accurately with a firearm than what the movies make it seem.

It takes more than just firing the trigger; one must fully understand the principles, cultivate the proper mindset, and engage in constant practice to advance their abilities.

I’m one of those people who researched gun ownership, training, and weapon proficiency before buying my first firearm. I’ve read everything I can on the subject.

From my personal experience, I assure you that you will encounter every issue on this list at some point during your workout regimen.

Despite taking a careful approach, it is often necessary to seek extra counsel due to the numerous components and variables involved.

Examining the field of handgun competence reveals common issues that new shooters face as they advance.

Tailored outcomes are needed to address these difficulties. Here, we examine some of the common issues encountered by novice handgun shooters and offer workable fixes for each:

The best caliber to use for appropriate firearms training

Although there may be a strong temptation to utilize a powerful rifle, doing so can hinder your learning process. This is a common problem that occurs when beginners use powerful calibers that are too powerful for them.
This decision may impede learning and compromise advancement and safety. A systematic approach to handgun proficiency and well-informed decision-making are essential to tackling this issue.

Substantial calibers can significantly negatively impact a novice’s ability to control and aim a handgun. High-powered bullets have severe recoil and muzzle blast, which can cause flinching, decreased accuracy, and potential safety issues.

It is imperative to adopt a measured and gradual strategy for caliber selection to meet this challenge.

Solution: Novices should start training with lower-recoil alternatives rather than a high-powered caliber. This allows them to learn fundamental shooting techniques without feeling intimidated by much recoil.

As their skills increase, they can progressively advance to stronger grades.

Start your training using weapons chambered in 9mm or.22 LR or other lower-recoil calibers. With a kinder start, these calibers let beginners concentrate on accuracy and technique.

Before moving on to more potent calibers, you should also stress the significance of understanding the fundamentals and the importance of perfecting your grip, stance, and trigger control. Establishing this base is essential for developing self-assurance and mastery.

Seek expert advice from licensed firearms instructors. Instructors can teach beginners to select the correct caliber for their expertise and offer individualized coaching to guarantee safe and efficient instruction.

After laying a solid foundation, people can gradually use larger-caliber handguns. This step-by-step method reduces the possibility of forming negative habits or giving up.

Precision issues

Shooters new to the sport sometimes struggle with imprecise hits, even after putting in a lot of practice. It’s challenging to shoot with accuracy; you have to use a more subtle technique than just practice.

Maintaining focus between the target and the rear sight can be difficult, and it takes a lot of practice to become proficient in this area.

Solution: To solve this problem, beginners must divide the procedure into small steps and progressively advance to proficiency. One noteworthy tactic is to focus entirely on the front sight, which creates a more reachable goal.

One can overcome sight alignment and picture accuracy challenges by deliberately focusing on the front sight.

A complex solution surfaces that combines live-fire and dry-fire training to strengthen the learned techniques. One way to improve accuracy further would be to take a step-by-step approach.

Start with a short target assessment, then move on to sight alignment, focusing only on the front sight. The latter stage is essential for your shot to be successful.

When performing these workouts, moving as little as possible becomes crucial. Keep your composure when pulling the trigger or handling the firearm; precise shots depend on stability.

Combined with a systematic training program, this close attention to detail enables beginners to progressively improve their shooting ability and overcome the frequent obstacle of missing shots.

Overcoming setbacks

Low hits on the target are familiar to inexperienced shooters and can sometimes result from misunderstandings and unintentional shooting actions.

Trigger jerking, a tight grip, and the expectation of recoil are the causes of this problem, especially if the fingers are not correctly positioned on the back strap.

Resolving this issue requires taking the initiative to improve shooting methods and guarantee more accuracy. The key to the solution is careful control over the trigger and finger motions and mindful attention to the front sight.

Keep your grip in check. It should be focused, fluid, and steady, with no sideways movement.

When manipulating the trigger, focus on the front sight and make as few superfluous motions as possible. Instead of squeezing or pulling, smoothly squeeze the trigger without moving the gun forward or downward.

Success is almost a given if these guidelines are followed and every subsequent training session shows progress.

Developing a systematic and intentional shooting technique is the first step towards solving the problem of routinely hitting low on the target.

Ineffective trigger control

Shooters frequently struggle with pressing the trigger, resulting in problems such as inadequate pressure, off-center presses, or unintentional motions.

The ability to shoot accurately depends on grasping this core concept; success is attainable with correct instruction.

Solution: Concentrate on creating consistency and control to overcome the difficulty of pulling the trigger. Placing the finger between the first crease and the first pad’s midway will result in the best possible trigger control.

This subtle tweak improves shooting accuracy and enables a more consistent trigger squeeze.

One crucial piece of advice is never to use the trigger finger’s tip; instead, press straight back with a smooth, continuous motion.

This systematic approach increases accuracy by reducing the possibility of unpredictable movements. It’s crucial to fight the urge to brace yourself for recoil so that you can press the trigger steadily and deliberately.

You’ll see quick gains in your handgun handling skills if you apply these suggestions.

Gaining proficiency with trigger control improves shooting accuracy and gives you self-assurance that you can handle this essential component of marksmanship.

Fighting back against the recoil

For first-time handgun shooters, dealing with recoil is a frequent source of anxiety and misconceptions over how best to handle this feature to limit recoil; the natural tendency is to drive the barrel down, which might unintentionally lead to lower-than-ideal shot placements.

Solution: Overcoming this obstacle requires a mental adjustment and an openness to comprehending the basic principles of recoil.

Novices should prepare to accept recoil as a necessary shooting component rather than fighting it. Recoil happens after the shot, not before, which is a crucial realization that reduces the need to prepare for it.

If you want to improve your shooting, allow the recoil to unfold freely and run its course. This method speeds up the process of enhancing shooting proficiency and makes shot placement easier.

By embracing this mentality and method, novice shooters can turn recoil from a perceived barrier into an ally on their path to becoming proficient pistol shooters.

Accepting recoil as a regular occurrence makes shooting more efficient and enjoyable while encouraging quick skill growth.


As this article outlines, taking up handgun shooting as a beginner can be fraught with difficulties. But it’s important to understand that no challenge is impossible without the correct tools.

Follow the simple instructions in this article to navigate quickly, overcome these obstacles, and achieve quick and effective results.

Even though some consider shooting an art form, it’s essential to realize that these abilities can be learned and that the learning process can be accelerated with the help of a trustworthy mentor.

Having the correct instructor to lead you through every phase of shooting instruction.

As you progress through the subsequent sessions, you will notice that your skills are developing, which reinforces the idea that pistol shooting can be improved quickly and effectively with the correct instruction.

The key to success is always to keep moving forward and ensure that little setbacks don’t change your perspective or resolve to become a proficient shooter.

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April 15, 2024

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